Sunday, June 29, 2014

What´s in a generation?

"Baby Boomers. Millennials. Generation Z. Although some records exist nearly as far back as America’s beginnings of people naming the generations, these three generations are likely the most well-known today, although where one ends and the next begins is controversial.
They come with their own stereotypes: the Baby Boomers don’t understand technology, the Millennials—people aged 18-34, according to a Forbes article from 2013—are entitled know-it-alls who spend more time on social media than on work, and Generation Z, people aged 17 and younger, is the “9/11” generation.
According to Forbes, the Millenials are optimistic, but the people of Generation Z are realistic. The Millenials grew up in a world where they could walk to the gate to watch their grandparents’ planes land when they came to visit; Generation Z never knew a world without the fear of terrorism, without strict security and television shows where detectives chase down bomb threats and save the city, or the world, in the nick of time.
The Millenials are entering the job market, or have been working in it for years, and are trying to find their place among the Baby Boomers who are known as the mature professionals. Generation Z is still in grade school"
Do you work with Millennials? How would you describe them?
Have a look at CBS News report on this generation.


  1. Yes, I remember using these terms when I taught in a company. Very interesting topic!!


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