Monday, May 20, 2013

Mirta´s Story

Mirta sent me her story to share.

What about you?
I can publish yours too!

Everything started on a train. We were 14 people in all; a group of students, my partner and I.

We were coming back from Ashford, beaming because we had gone shopping and we had been able to buy many things at a very low price. 

We took the train to Sturry and when we were comfortably seated in an empty wagon, some students started unwrapping chocolates, others began eating chips, sandwiches, cookies, because they were very hungry, but in the following train stop many passengers got on and as soon as they were going inside the wagon, they started glaring silently at us, we didn´t understand why and we all started snickering, looking at each other. After a while, we noticed that we were in the FIRST CLASS wagon, definitely not for us, so as soon as we could, we put our things away and hurried along the train looking for free seats. As we were a lot, it was almost impossible, we couldn´t stop cackling while we were all moving across the aisle.  Finally we could find some seats, in one of the last wagons. We sat there and we still could listen to the students giggling because of that moment of embarrassment.

After some time, the train reached Sturry, the place where we had to get off, but…. unfortunately we couldn´t because we were in the wrong wagon, as we were at the back of the train, it was out of the platform where we had to get off, so although we started feeling very nervous we all burst into laughter!  We had no other option than to continue to the following station, which was Minster, and far from Sturry. It was getting dark, we were a bit frightened, but we had to get to our station. We had to wait for an hour for another train to go back. It was terribly cold and we were alone in the train station, grinning, cackling and with a belly laugh. 

Finally, we could reach our place very late, once there we laughed our heads off.

This is a true funny story :-)

beamy: smile very happily, have a broad smile
snicker: suppress a laugh
cackle: laugh harshly and sharply
giggle: laugh quietly and repeatedly (because you are nervous)
burst into laughter: suddenly start laughing
grin: smile widely
belly laugh: laugh nervously
laugh your head off: laugh a lot and loudly

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