Friday, May 10, 2013

And even more vocabulary

Take a look at the timeline. It shows vocabulary related to different ways of laughing and also some common expressions.


Now write a short story using as many words as you can (min 4) and post it as a comment for this entry. Don´t forget to put your name too!


  1. Two kids went to the circus. The clowns started the entertainment, they began to jeer at each other and the audience grinned, chuckled and giggled but old people sneered in disapproval.

    I was attending a teachers´ seminar with my colleague and friend. The teacher was holding a set of cards with the numbers 1 to 6 written on them. She showed the cards to us and stuck them on the board. Suddenly, she smiled at me, handed me A dice said ¨Throw the dice, please.¨
    I took hold of the dice, looked at the board, pointed at number 6 and threw the dice enthusiastically at it. Not only did I hit the card, but I also accompanied it with a loud ´Yes!´ and a raise of arms!
    I immediately noticed some sort of snickering and sniggering, a group of women laughing their heads off, and I was shocked by the teacher herself laughing in my face
    It was only when I heard the burst of laughter that I realized I had done something wrong. I did not understand exactly what, until the teacher said ¨OK, throw the dice again, this time on your desk, please.¨

  3. It was midday, as soon as she got into the crowded subway she sat back on a cosy seat between a middle aged woman who was already snoring and a plump teenager using headphones. Once she felt comfortable enough she focused her attention on a couple of girls standing opposite and listened to their nonsense conversation, she couldn’t help a snicker. After a while a hawker selling torches announced his products singing awfully and she chuckled. Soon after that a ridiculous ringtone coming from the plump teenager’s mobile could be heard and she bursted into laughter. The woman sitting next to her woke up immediately and looked at her in amazement. She just beamed at her. A faint sneer crossed the woman’s face. Suddenly, the door of the wagon opened and most of the people got off in a rush. She grabbed her wooden stick, stood up and slowly trudged out of the wagon. As she was leaving the station, a broad grin could be seen in her face as she thought ‘the trip to the circus can be funnier that the circus itself.’


  4. Great story, Karina!!! I can picture the whole scene!!

  5. Lovely story, Mary! Great use of target vocabulary!


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