Monday, August 20, 2012

Looking for Inspiration? What about this?

A new year is starting. 
It is a time when energy is at the top, we are full of expectations, projects and ideas. 
It is also a good time to reflect, consider and share views. 

I´ve chosen 2 different inspirational videos from this site: Best Kickoff Videos

Choose one and generate your own video as a response. You can include your views on the topic, what you think, how it relates to your teaching situation. You can use your own photographs, images you get online, music... you can even record yourself!  

Making your own video is very simple, probably one of the easiest ways is using  Windows movie maker  (you can download it from this site if you don´t have it in your computer already)  once you have it ready you can upload it to youtube and share it. 

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