Thursday, August 30, 2012

It's revision time again...

Ok, so you´ve been teaching for a term, a month or a week and it is revision time. 
Nothing new under the sun you say... it´s part of the learning process. 

The author of the article we´ll be reading describes revision time as "an opportunity to consolidate everything you’ve taught into a cohesive language learning experience". For sure we all agree on the first part of the sentence, but... what about the "cohesive language learning experience" part?  is there anything we are overlooking? 

Let´s go to the article and read the author´s recommendations for creating a review lesson that is really useful to your students (and not just a way to buy time till they have the test)

7 Steps to Fail-proof Your ESL Review Lesson

What are your views regarding revision time?

But going back to revising and recycling, if you are teaching intermediate or advances students, take a look at this article, written by the same author, full of useful tips when planning our next revision time. 

8 mistakes your students should correct before the test

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