Saturday, August 18, 2012

Vocabulary Craze!

Shall we start?
Let´s go over some vocabulary words.
Many of these words are related to different ways of speaking. 
Can you list them?
How many do you know and can explain?
Are there any you don´t know? 

All teachers know working on vocabulary is essential for ESL learners. Many times it is difficult to think of fun or creative ways in which to work on this area. Have a look at these sites: 

Here is Merriam Webster´s Word Central, a great site where you´ll find word definitions, games and teacher resources.

A great tool to present vocabulray is: Wordle used for the following image. 
You can also try Visuwords

Now fill in the blanks with words you´ll find in the 1st cloud. (You can make the font bigger by clicking on the letter A on the upper left hand)


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